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Your Chicago Stay in a Unique, Boutique Way

The options are endless when it comes to choosing a hotel in Chicago.  From classic hotels to modern hotels that have been popping up throughout the city, deciding on the perfect place to stay can be a challenge.  If you are searching for something fresh beyond the traditional large hotel experience, you have come to the right place. 

Whether you are in need of a brief staycation or you are planning an unforgettable first-time trip to Chicago, The Magnificent Mile and its surrounding area boast a variety of boutique hotels that offer an experience unlike any other.

Each with its own unique personality, boutique hotels have something to offer that you may not find anywhere else in the city or even the world.  From beautiful artwork to high tech amenities and some of Chicago’s finest dining, find a hotel that caters to you. Designed to meet your needs, experience Chicago in a boutique way.


  • The Talbott Hotel

    For Understated Elegance

    Steps away from the hustle and bustle of The Magnificent Mile, you’ll find The Talbott just west down Delaware Street.  Built in 1927, The Talbott fits in seamlessly to the Gold Coast neighborhood with its old-school charm. If you remember The Talbott from the past, you may not recognize its new, modern interior designed my Kara Mann, but you’re sure to recognize the friendly doormen and staff waiting to greet you.  

    From the moment you step inside The Talbott, you will be taken away from the traditional hotel experience.  You won’t find a check-in desk as soon as you step inside the door, but instead you’ll find coffee and plenty of space to sit down and unwind.  Walk over to The Gallery where you’ll feel as if you’re in a living room from the 1920s. The Talbott’s elegant, velvet furniture and 1920s inspired decor evoke its rich history. 

    Go back in time with The Talbott and immerse yourself in the old Gold Coast culture at a live jazz music night.  The Talbott embraces its past and works to create the feel of an underground jazz club that was common nearly a century ago. 

    Unwind from a long day of work at 20E, the hotel’s restaurant and bar, with a CBD cocktail. Summer nights at 20E are picture perfect on its long patio on Delaware Street.  Never overly crowded but always with plenty of people to socialize with, 20E offers a relaxing night that will make you feel like you are a part of the neighborhood.

    The Talbott’s staff wants you to unleash your adventurous side just as they do themselves.  Ask hotel staff about the best spots to explore the city as you head out from this casually elegant, laid-back hidden gem.

    The Talbott Hotel

    20 E. Delaware Place | (800)825-2688

  • Moxy Chicago

    For the Life of the Party

    Toss the rule book out the window and let out the true “you” at Moxy Chicago.  Let loose and let the games begin: as soon as you arrive in the lobby, you’re surrounded by modern party games and old-school favorites, playful decor, and a bar lit up in pink.  Check in at the bar, enjoy a complimentary drink and let the fun begin!

    Located in the heart of River North, surrounded by some of the city’s best nightlife, the Moxy is the social getaway you’ve been seeking.  As an official “BumbleSpot,” Moxy is the perfect spot to mingle with new friends or your besties. With a D.J. four nights a week, you can start your night out or even spend your whole night jamming at Moxy.

    Moxy’s simple guest rooms are designed for those ready to get out and about in the city.  The floor-to-ceiling windows provide generous city views, not to mention the perfect lighting needed for an insta-worthy selfie before heading out on the town. 

    If you’re feeling extroverted, stay in one of the Inner-Circle guest rooms where you can spot other hotel guests out of your window.  You can even send your neighbor across the way a message using the lightbox!

    With all the partying you’ll be doing at Moxy, you’re going to get hungry.  Whether you need a late night snack or a hangover cure, Zombie Taco has you covered with a 24/7 taco window with tacos on demand for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  

    Feeling extra hungry?  How about a 17 pound burrito? Yes, you read that right. A 17 POUND burrito! With the Size Matters package, you’ll get a larger than life burrito, tickets to Skydeck Chicago with an Uber XL to take you there, and a giant cocktail.

    The socially immersive and playful experience at Moxy is fit for anyone, young or old.  As long as your willing to be yourself and let loose, Moxy is the place for you. If you’re team #NoNewFriends, maybe not so much.

    Moxy Chicago

    530 N. LaSalle Drive | (312)605-8708

  • St. Jane Hotel

    For the Luxurious

    Standing tall and embellished in gold in the historic Carbon and Carbide building on Michigan Avenue, the St.Jane Hotel is hard to miss. After all, it’s shaped like a vintage champagne bottle inspired by prohibition in the 1920s! The St. Jane remains glamorous and luxurious while staying true to the woman it is named after and inspired by, Jane Addams. 

    The 1920s Art Deco design of the St. Jane along with the intricate patterns and textures found in the artwork and architecture throughout the hotel give it a Great Gatsby like feeling.  The hotel’s newest artwork can be found in The Gate, a gathering space on the main floor. Created by the “Queen of Tape,” Anna Dominguez, the detailed piece of art made up of duct tape features the Carbon and Carbide building and a quote from Jane Addams.

    The St. Jane’s guest rooms are spacious and offer breathtaking views of the city.  Stay in The Tower at St. Jane for an extra luxurious experience with bold decor and an up-close look at the building’s 24k gold embellishments that can only be seen from the hotel’s top floors. 

    The St. Jane strives to positively impact its community and keep Jane Addams’ legacy alive.  By staying at The St. Jane, you become a part of this mission. A percentage of the hotel’s revenue goes to the Jackson Chance Foundation, which provides parking to families with children in the NICU to ensure that families can spend time with their infants without worrying about the high cost of parking.  

    Historic and philanthropic, The St. Jane is beautiful inside and out and offers guests a luxurious getaway fit for any occasion.

    St. Jane Hotel

    240 N. Michigan Avenue | (312)345-1000

  • Freehand Chicago

    For the Free-Spirited

    As you step foot in Freehand Chicago, you may question whether you are in an art gallery, a trendy coffee shop, or an exotic bar.  What about all of the above? You may not even feel like you’re in a hotel, but you’ll certainly feel like you have escaped from the upscale and busy River North area and entered into a relaxing bohemian escape that embraces individuality and culture.

    Located in a historical building that was originally the Devonshire Hotel and then the Tokyo Hotel, Freehand opened in 2015.  It acknowledges its past with its vintage decor, yet it represents the present with its modern artwork and amenities. From an antique photo booth to ancient, aztec-inspired artifacts, Freehand’s main floor has something for people of all interests and backgrounds.

    Cultural immersion is key at Freehand. Stay in one of Freehand’s 80 bunk rooms that offer an upscale hostel experience and allow you to meet travelers from all over the world, or stop at Cafe Integral and try Nicaragua’s finest coffee to jumpstart your day or for a midday pick-me-up. 

    Check out Freehand’s weekly programming that celebrates different cultures and missions in the community.  With Djs from a variety of cultures, monthly palm readings, sustainability workshops and more, you can experience or learn something new everyday day at Freehand.

    Your stay at Freehand isn’t complete without an exotic cocktail from Broken Shaker, whether it be shared with a local or an international traveler.  No matter where you call home, know that you are always welcome at Freehand.

    Freehand Chicago

    19 E. Ohio Street | (312)940-3699


  • Hotel EMC2

    For the Curious

    Unleash your inner brainiac and experience something out of the ordinary at Hotel EMC2.  Named after Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity, Hotel EMC2 is inspired by science, and the stunning artwork throughout the hotel creates an intersection of art and science. 

    Experience is key at Hotel EMC2.   Watch a thunderstorm culminate as you await your elevator ride or spin the zoetrope in the lobby and watch a dancer twirl to see for yourself how art and science intersect.  

    Need a fresh towel?  Even that is an experience.  Ask the Alexa in your room for a towel and wait as one of the hotel’s robots bring a fresh towel, or whatever else you may need.  The robots, Leo and Cleo, fascinate guests and provide five-star service.

    With over 10,000 books throughout the hotel and rooms inspired by history, there are stories to be discovered around nearly every corner of the hotel.  The hotel’s event spaces, Emmy Noether and Symmetry, are not only perfect for an event or a meeting but are also a place to take a break from the city and discover the story behind Einstein’s work.

    Experience exquisite tastes at The Albert.  Savor fresh greens grown on the rooftop of the hotel and a seasonal menu.  Elevate your experience at The Albert with a private dinner right in front of the chefs. 

    Hotel EMC2’s outgoing staff that take risks and embrace differences will ensure that your experience is “exactly like nothing else.”

    Hotel EMC2

    228 E. Ontario Street | (312)915-0000

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