Tulips 5

Top 10 Tulips on The Magnificent Mile

Every year, the tulips bloom along Michigan Avenue to mark the start of spring and warmer weather. Each fall, over 100,000 bulbs are brought from the Netherlands and planted in October and November, with up to 1,000 bulbs filling each bed in the center medians, along with thousands more in the gardens along the public way. Property managers plant themed gardens to welcome the tulips, and retailers have been known to coordinate their windows with the bright colors outdoors.

While many things do not look the same along The Magnificent Mile this year, the tulips look better than ever. Many of us cannot be there to enjoy the full bloom in person, so we found some of the best images on Instagram to share with you below.

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Credit: @Amit Jhingran

Credit: @Rohit Loomba

Credit: @AC

Credit: @Marty Castro

Credit: @ChiLocalExplorer

Credit: @Sashi

Credit: @Ryan Lazarus

Credit: @Runner's Life

Credit: @Heather Layne

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