The Magnificent Mile The Norwegian Way

My name is Julie, and I am a marketing intern for The Magnificent Mile association. I came to Chicago from Norway to study and work this semester, which makes it even more exciting for me to learn about the culture in Chicago and experience such a big and diverse city. I am very excited to be working on Michigan Avenue with so many things to do right outside our office door. I decided to take advantage of my time here and see all that The Magnificent Mile has to offer!

  • Spa Nordstrom

    Spa Nordstrom was the perfect place to start my day! I had a wonderful stay in this beautiful and calm venue inside Nordstrom’s flagship store. I was lucky enough to sign up for one of their many free events, which included a 45-minute massage. The spa also offers several services like nail treatments, massages, and facials at a friendly price. 

  • Foodlife

    After a relaxing morning at the spa I was hungry, but I could not decide what I wanted to eat. Therefore, the obvious choice was to visit Foodlife inside the Water Tower Place, where they have almost anything you could want! This restaurant is like a food-market, and it is perfect if you want a varied selection of food, drinks and desserts. A waitress reserved my table so that I could walk around in the venue. It was difficult to decide between all the delicious dishes. I ended up getting several small meals. Souplife served me a shrimp soup, and I also got a plate of delightful Chinese food. This place is perfect to grab a bite on the go or to sit down for a meal with friends.

  • Burberry

    After a lovely visit at the Dana hotel and Vertigo rooftop bar, it was time for some shopping. I walked over to Burberry to get some inspiration, and to check out their classy five-floor building in which features seasonable colors, marble floors, and a beautiful interior. I strolled around in their fabulous venue looking at this season’s fashion. Although the first floor feels a bit like a museum, which makes the flagship-store a good spot for visitors, other floors are designed to be more casual. It is important to Burberry that the building does not steal the attention from the clothes. The floors are all built distinctly from one another to make every floor a new experience for the costumer. The Burberry building is beautiful inside and out.

  • Eataly

    Exploring The Magnificent Mile made me hungry again, so I decided to attend one of the events hosted at Eataly that evening. Eataly is an international store with a two-floor venue that serves delicious Italian food from the many different areas in Italy. The first store was built in Italy many years ago to gather food from all different areas in one place. That night they hosted a wine event with beverages and food from over twenty areas in Italy. What a tasty experience that was! I also could not resist a little dessert from the first floor where they serve temptations like Crepes, chocolate, Italian ice cream, and perfectly baked croissants. 

  • Second City

    I finished the day at a hilarious show at the famous Second City Theatre! This theatre is one of the iconic attractions in Chicago, and it is absolutely worth a visit. My friends and I saw Fool Me Twice, Déjà Vu – which was a blast! This is undeniably the place to go if you are looking for a fun night full of laughs in Chicago!

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