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Chi-Town Time Travel

We all know Chicago is the top spot for new, fun and interesting things to do. But, did you know Chicago also has a rich and fascinating history that helps shape it into the place it is today? From the first plans for the city and the Chicago Fire to the Blackhawks becoming Stanley Cup Champions and the Cubs winning the World Series, Chicago history is all around us!

Let's go back in time and celebrate the places and faces that represent our beloved city! Each week, check back for the anniversaries of some of Chicago’s greatest moments.

  • September 3 - September 9

    September 3, 1954
    German U-Boat Reaches Final Destination

    After moving from a specially constructed dock, the German U-Boat U-505 was placed in Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry.

    September 3, 1986
    Astros and Cubs Break Players-Used Record

    During an 18-inning game, the Cubs and Astros used a record 53 players.

    September 4, 1981
    Beyonce is Born

    Pay tribute to the Houston-born queen of pop at the "Queens on Wheels" rollerskating event held September 8-10 at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel.

    September 5, 1955
    WTTW Broadcasts in Chicago

    Channel 11, also known as PBS, broadcasted for the first time in Chicago.

    September 5, 1986
    Whitney Houston wins VMA

    The legendary singer's music will also be featured at the "Queens on Wheels" rollerskating event at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, September 8-10.

    September 7, 1986
    Instant Replay Used for the First Time

    The new feature was first used to review a play during a game pitting the Bears and the Browns against each other.

    September 9, 1913
    Association for Study of Negro Life & History Organizes

    The Association was first organized in Chicago.

    September 9, 1923
    Cliff Robertson is Born

    The spokesman for AT&T was born in California.

  • August 27 - September 2

    August 27, 1884
    Harry Antrim is born

    Antrim, actor in Miracle on 34th Street, was born in Chicago.

    August 27, 1997
    Brandon Tartikoff dies

    Tartikoff was a TV executive for NBC.

    August 28, 1907
    UPS is founded

    UPS was founded by James E. Casey in Seattle, Washington.

    August 28, 1942
    Bears Defeat All Stars in NFL All Star Game

    The Bears defeated the All Stars, 21-0.

    August 29, 1935
    William Friedkin is born

    Friedkin was a director, producer and writer involved in the Exorcist and The French Connection.

    August 31, 1955
    First Solar Powered Automobile

    The First solar powered automobile was demonstrated to the public on the streets of Chicago.

    September 2, 1965
    Ernie Banks Hits 400th Homerun

    Ernie Banks was a shortstop for the Chicago Cubs.

  • August 20 - August 26

    August 20, 1993
    Howard Stern is Fired

    The Chicago radio personality had previously worked for WLUP-AM Chicago.

    August 21, 1929
    Chicago Cardinals Leave Town

    The team became the first professional football team to train outside of their town.

    August 21, 1965
    Jim Bullinger is Born

    The Chicago Cubs pitcher was born in New Orleans, Louisiana.

    August 21, 1968
    Democratic Convention Comes to Chicago

    During the Convention, Hubert Humphrey was nominated.

    August 22, 1848
    Mellville E. Stone is Born

    Stone was the founder of the Chicago Daily News.

    August 23, 1919
    Gasoline Alley Comic Appears

    The comic first premiered in the Chicago Tribune.

    August 24, 1918
    Cubs Win the Earliest Pennant Ever

    The Cubs season only lasted until September 2.

    August 24, 1989
    Holiday Inn is sold to Bass

    The Holiday Inn hotel chain was bought by a British Brewery.

    August 26, 1951
    An American in Paris Premieres 

    The play, "An American in Paris" is one of many put on by the theater group, Broadway in Chicago.

  • August 13 - August 19

    August 13, 1906
    Jack Taylor Ends No-Error Streak

    Cubs player Jack Taylor went 202 games without a single error until losing to the LA Dodgers in the third inning.

    August 13, 1935
    Transcontinental Roller Derby

    The Derby was held at the Chicago Coliseum.

    August 13, 1972
    Kevin Plank is Born

    Kevin Plank founded Under Armour.

    August 15, 1812
    The Battle of Fort Dearborn 

    The battle was between United States troops and the Potawatomi Native Americans.

    August 15, 1964
    Ernie Banks Day

    Chicago celebrated the first annual Ernie Banks Day. The Cubs legend was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1977 and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom 2013.

    August 16, 1927
    First Home-run Hit out of Comiskey PArk

    The home-run was hit by Babe Ruth.

    August 16, 1967
    Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Perform

    The band's first performance was at the Auditorium Theater, a part of Broadway in Chicago.

    August 16, 1967
    Bret Barberie and Terry Shumpert are Born

    Barberie and Shumpert are both infielders for the Cubs.

    August 18, 1982
    Longest Game at Wrigley Field

    The game began August 17 and pitted the LA Dodgers against the Chicago Cubs. After 22 innings, the Dodgers defeated the Cubs, 2-1.

    August 19, 1969
    Ken Holzman No-Hits the Braves

    Holzman helped the Cubs defeat the Atlanta Braves, 3-0.

  • August 6 - August 12

    August 6, 2009
    John Hughes Died

    Hughes directed movies such as "The Breakfast Club," "Pretty in Pink," and "Sixteen Candles." His most famous movie, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" features several Chicago landmarks such as the Art Institute of Chicago.

    August 7, 1984
    Cubs beat Mets in doubleheader

    The Cubs bested the Mets in both games of a doubleheader, the first game 8-6 and the second 8-4.

    August 8, 1958
    Miss Chicago presents Best Actor of the Year Award in Berlin

    Miss Chicago, Andre Deckmann, presented the award to Sidney Poitier for his role in The Defiant Ones.

    August 8, 1988
    The Lights Go On at Wrigley Field

    The Chicago Cubs played their first official night game at Wrigley Field, beating the Mets 6-4.

    August 10, 1833
    Chicago is Incorporated as a Village

    At the time, Chicago had a population of about 350.

    August 11 1934
    Alcatraz is Opened

    One of the most famous inmates of the island-style jail was Chicago mobster Al Capone.

    August 11, 1956
    Jackson Pollock dies

    Many of Pollock's pieces are on display at the Art Institute of Chicago.

  • July 30 - August 5

    July 30, 1880
    Robert Rutherford McCormick was born

    McCormick, who grew up to become the editor and publisher of the Chicago Tribune, was born in Chicago to parents Robert and Katherine.

    July 30, 2008
    Broadway in Chicago was formed

    Broadway in Chicago, the theatrical production company operates in five venues in downtown Chicago including the PrivateBank Theater, the Oriental Theater, the Cadillac Palace Theater, the Auditorium Theater and the Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place.

    August 1, 1990 

    Stanton Cook steps down as CEO of the Chicago Cubs

    Cook, who was a lifelong fan of the Chicago Cubs, passed away in his home in Kenilworth in 2015 at the age of 90.

    August 3, 1877 
    William B. Ogden died

    Ogden was the first mayor of the City of Chicago.

    August 3, 1987 
    Bears defeat Cowboys in NFL Expo

    In a 17-6 decision, the Chicago Bears beat the Dallas Cowboys at the Expo in London.

    August 4, 1830 
    Plans for the city of Chicago were laid out

    City commissioners hired James Thompson to map out the town of Chicago which, at the time, had less than 100 inhabitants.

  • July 23 - July 29

    July 23, 1944
    Bill Nicholson hits four HRs

    Chicago Cubs player Bill Nicholson hit four home runs in a doubleheader

    July 23, 1976 
    42nd NFL Chicago All Star Game

    During this game, Pittsburgh bested the All Stars in a 24-0 shutout decision

    July 24, 1915
    Eastland Shipwreck

    In 1915, a Chicago-based tour ship, The Eastland, was scheduled to take Western Electric employees to a picnic in Indiana when the ship capsized, leading to the deaths of over 800 people.

    July 25, 1954
    Walter Peyton was Born

    Walter Peyton, famed running back for the Chicago Bears was born in Columbia, MS.

    July 26, 1893
    Commercial Production of the Addressograph started

    The Addressograph consisted of a hexagonal wood block with rubber type glued on, allowing the user to stamp addresses on envelopes more efficiently

    July 27, 1919
    Chicago Race Riot Began

    During what was known as the worst race riot in the history of Illinois, 38 people were killed




  • July 16 - July 22

    July 17, 1955
    Disneyland Opens

    Walt Disney's fantasy land came to life in 1955. The $17 million park was built on 160 acres of land in Anaheim California and hosts over 14 million visitors a year.

    Catch Grand Marshals Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse along the parade route for The BMO Harris Bank Magnificent Mile Lights Festival, which kicks off the holiday season each year on the weekend before Thanksgiving. Join us on Saturday, Novemeber 18!

    July 18, 2008
    First Blackhawks Fan Convention

    The first Blackhawks Fan Convention was held at the Hilton Chicago Hotel. The convention, which drew 10,000 fans, soon became an annual event.

    July 20, 1968
    First International Special Olympics

    Held at Soldier Field, the first International Special Olympics featured 1500 athletes from the United States and Canada.

    July 22, 1936
    John Dillinger was killed

    Infamous bank robber and life-long fan of the Chicago Cubs, John Dillinger, was shot and killed after a federal stakeout in front of the Biograph Theater .

  • July 9 - July 15

    July 12, 1931
    Cubs and Cardinals Combine for MLB Record

    The Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals combined for a total of 23 doubles in a single game, setting a new MLB record.

    July 12, 1979
    Disco Demolition

    Thousands of Chicagoans gathered at Comisky Park to watch radio host Steve Dahl destroy disco records after a double header between the Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers.

    July 14, 1789
    Storming of the Bastille

    In Paris, thousands of armed civilians gathered in front of the Bastille and demanded its surrender from the royal monarchy. This marked the flashpoint of the French Revolution and is celebrated every year on the anniversary, known as Bastille Day.
    Celebrate Bastille Day at French restaurants around Chicago, like Les Nomades

    July 14, 1927
    John Chancellor is Born

    John Chancellor, NBC Nightly News anchor was born.

  • July 2 - July 8

    July 3, 1936
    Chicago Symphony Orchestra Takes Residence at Ravinia

    Known for its outdoor lawn area and seated Pavillion, Ravinia now hosts summer concerts from various artists, including a permanent staple, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

    July 3, 1965
    Vinson Smith is Born

    Vinson Smith is a linebacker for the Chicago Bears.

    July 4, 1962
    The Chicago History Museum Hosts First Independence Day Celebration

    The Chicago History Museum's 55th annual Independence Day Celebration was held in 2017

    July 4, 1980
    First Taste of Chicago

    The Taste of Chicago has grown to become a must-attend event for residents and tourists. Vendors from all over the city participate and bring delicious food to Grant Park.

    July 6, 1933
    First All-Star Baseball Game

    In 1933, the first All-Star baseball game was held in Chicago, where the American league bested the National League in a 4-2 decision.

  • June 25 - July 1

    June 27, 1970
    First Chicago PRIDE Parade

    The first Chicago PRIDE Parade was organized on the last Saturday of June in 1970 as a culmination of Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. The parade marched from Washington Square Park to the Water Tower.

    June 29, 1969
    Billy Williams Breaks "Consecutive Games Played" Record

    Outfielder for the Chicago Cubs, Billy Williams played his 896th game on June 29, 1969. This broke the National League's "Consecutive Games Played" record previously held by Stan Musial.

    July 1, 1870
    Charles E. Fox is Born

    Charles E. Fox is the architect behind the famous Drake Hotel.

    July 1, 1934
    Brookfield Zoo Opens

    The Brookfield Zoo, operated by the Chicago Zoological Society, is known for its open-air enclosures.

    July 1, 1950
    Eliel Saarinen Dies

    Eliel Saarinen is the architect responsible for the Chicago Tribune Building. He died at the age of 76.

  • June 18 - June 24

    June 24, 1922
    The NFL and the Chicago Bears are born

    The National Football League was originally known as the APFA (American Professional Football Association) until 1922. With the name change, one of the teams, the Chicago Staleys, became the Chicago Bears that we know and love today.

    June 24, 1994
    Chicago Cubs honor Harry Caray

    After 50 years of broadcasting, The Chicago Cubs held a special day honoring the "Holy Cow" originator, Harry Caray.

    Learn more about Harry Caray's Steakhouse.

    June 24, 2013
    Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup

    In a 3-2 decision, the Chicago Blackhawks edged out the Boston Bruins to win the Stanley Cup for the second time in four years. The Hawks would go on to win the Cup again in 2015.


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