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Practice Self Care

A staycation sounds relaxing. But what can you do to unwind and recharge while you stay put at home, especially when you are taking care of loved ones?

The novel coronavirus has changed many aspects of our daily life. In these uncertain times, it is important to look out for one another. But it is also critical to look after yourself and make self-care a part of your routine. 

As you work from home, look for work, care for family and friends and perhaps find just enough time for a walk, please review our wellness resources below. Self care need not be time-consuming, and you can access many tools online.

Self Care

  • Aligned Modern Health

    When working from home is a pain in the neck... and back and shoulders and hips.

    Hunching over a small screen for a full workday, days on end, can trigger new musculoskeletal pain and exasperate pre-existing conditions. Addressing these flare ups can help keep you productive and pain-free.

    Chiropractic physicians are now able to meet with you through telemedicine, which many insurance companies are covering 100%. Working with a professional, even when you cannot come into the clinic, is an investment in your health that will save you time and money in the long run.

    Schedule telemedicine >>

    Additional suggestions:

    • Keep your keyboard directly in front of you, parallel to desk, near edge. Keep your wrists neutral and your mouse directly beside you (ideally, wireless).
    • For your monitor, your screen should be 22-26 inches away to reduce eye strain. Keep your monitor directly in front of yourself. Lastly, the height of monitor should be 17-19 degrees above where you are looking.
    • For head and neck posture, keep your head over your shoulders in a neutral position to decrease the work load on your “computer muscles. (Your head is an 8-12lb bowling ball…the further away and down you are placing that bowling ball, the harder the neck and upper back muscles have to work to keep it up!)
    • Lumbar Support is key. Lumbar support roll should be placed right above the belt line. Lean back onto the roll just enough so ears are in line with shoulder, if uncomfortable, move your bottom forward slightly. We have lumbar rolls available for purchase at all 17 Aligned locations.
    • Take a break and move. While this can be a stressful time for many of us, it is important to think about what matters the most. Without health, we are unable to perform at our jobs to the best ability. Take a break away from the screen, do a few of your favorite exercise, and breathe
  • Under Armour

    "Healthy at Home" Fitness Challenge

    Under Armour launched a 30-day “Healthy at Home fitness” challenge on Under Armour's MyFitnessPal and MapMyRun platforms, to help individuals and families at home stay healthy and physically active. When users join the challenge, UA will donate up to $1 million in combination of monetary donation and product to support Good Sports’ efforts to ensure youth sport leagues have necessary equipment, footwear and apparel. To join the challenge on MyFitnessPal, users must access through the MFP app on their smartphones.

    For more, visit the sign up pages here and here.

    If you're in the mood for online shopping, right now Under Armour is offering free U.S. Standard Shipping on all orders.

    Plus, the popular activewear company has pledged a $1M donation to Feeding America and an additional $1M donation to Good Sports to ensure youth sports leagues have the equipment and apparel they need.

  • 360 Chicago

    360 Sky Yoga, 360 CHICAGO’s weekly sky-high yoga series, is coming back for FREE online-only sessions beginning on Tuesday, May 5th. Instructors Ashley Christensen and Britta Eumann will lead viewers through hour-long sessions on Facebook Live from over 1,000 feet above Chicago every Tuesday at 6 p.m.

    Can’t make it for the live broadcast? No problem! Full HD recordings of each class will be posted to 360 CHICAGO’s YouTube page the same day and on Facebook again Saturdays following the class.

    Follow @360chicago on Facebook for updates and set a reminder today.

Caring for Friends and Family

  • Guidepost Montessori at Magnificent Mile

    Childcare Available for Essential Workers

    Please contact Guidepost Montessori if you are an essential service provider and need care. You can visit their website, call (312) 796-9400 or email magnificent-mile@guidepostmontessori.com

    Guidepost Montessori sees the need for our health care professionals, first responders, and other essential workers to have reliable, safe, and loving childcare so that they can focus on their critical mission of caring for and maintaining our community and those who are ill. For these families, Guidepost is ready to fill in the gap and provide your children with quality care while you work.

    Childcare will be provided onsite at our Magnificent Mile location. Our Montessori classrooms are peaceful, calm and beautiful prepared environments, to inspire and entice your child to explore. Children will engage in many different Montessori activities, including working with the teacher individually or in small groups, and choosing to work with materials that interest them. Circle time, snack, nap time and play time in our indoor Gross Motor Room are also included both in the morning and afternoon.

    The school will be open from Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm with flexible drop-off and pick-up times. We will be providing care for children from 14 months - 12 years old. 


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