Your guide to dining on The Magnificent Mile

Chicago’s The Magnificent Mile offers visitors a delectable spread of places to dine. It’s a melting pot of global flavors and every foodie’s fantasy.

From haute cuisine to hamburgers, The Magnificent Mile is the heart of Chicago’s world-famous dining scene, packed with the best places to eat in Chicago. Every step down the Avenue offers a tasting tour of flavors. Savor a gastronomic masterpiece, sip exquisite wines or relish a refreshing ice cream sundae. Breathe in the scents that surround you, from mouthwatering steaks on the grill and deep dish pizza, to freshly brewed coffee and Chicago’s famous cheesy-caramel popcorn mix.

Your guide to dining and nightlife in The Magnificent Mile district

Our directory for eating out in The Magnificent Mile district is the essential go-to list of Chicago’s top restaurants, steakhouses, bars and cafes. From the gourmet to the casual and every flavor in between, it’s all on the menu on The Magnificent Mile.


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