Maps - Parking

There are plenty of parking options available in The Magnificent Mile neighborhood. Put your car away and come enjoy a day of fun! Below is a list of parking garages and lots conveniently located just off North Michigan Avenue, starting at the north end of The Magnificent Mile and ending at the Chicago River. In addition, all of the shopping centers and hotels have parking, plus most restaurants offer valet service. To see a map of parking locations in The Magnificent Mile neighborhood, visit


980 N. Michigan Avenue
(312) 337-2439

900 North Michigan Shops Garage
911 N. Rush Street
(312) 915-3940
Shopping Center Rates:

Water Tower Place Parking Garage
845 N. Michigan Avenue (Access from Chestnut Street)
(312) 440-3166
Shopping Center Rates:

120 E. Delaware Place
(312) 915-3945

845 N. Michigan Avenue                              
(312) 440-3163

100 E. Huron Street
(312) 664-3320                                               

160 E. Huron Street
(312) 280-4580

222 E. Huron Street                                      
(312) 787-0551                                              

676 N. Michigan Avenue
(312) 944-6664

Ontario – St. Clair Parking
614 N. St. Clair Street
(312) 664-6789
Interpark rates:

505 N. Michigan Avenue
(312) 321-8840
ROW (Rush-Ohio-Wabash) Self Park
50 E. Ohio Street
(312) 986-3390

North Bridge Self Park (The Shops at North Bridge)
10 E. Grand Avenue
(312) 294-7000
Shopping Center Rates:

Nordstrom’s Garage
520 N. Rush Street
(312) 986-2400


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